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Car Windshield Glass Cleaner Tablets [2033]
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Product SKU 18-MH2033
Size (L x W x H) 4 cm x 1 cm x 4 cm
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New formula, high concentration of high-performance glass cleaner. It can be diluted with a small cup and then use, can also be added directly to the wiper water tank. It is on the car topcoat, wiping rubber and a variety of metal without any corrosion, the role of rubber without hardening. It is on the wiper rubber rubber anti-aging function, to maintain flexibility, to extend the service life. Applicable to all models. Ultra-concentrated, easy to carry storage.

Product Descriptions:
Name : Solid Washer Concentrate
Chemical Compositions:
- Citric acid: 0.3% - 0.6%
- Sodium carbonate: 5% - 7%
- Sodium bicarbonate: 3% - 5%
- Sodium dodecyl sulfate: 5.5% - 9%

Toxicology : Non toxic
Size: 20mm (diameter) x 5mm ( Height )

Package included: 1 Unit/1 Biji

  • Economical & Efficient - This car windshield glass clean washer tablets will help you to save large amount compared to the purchase of traditional washer fluid, because 30 pellets equals 120 liters washer fluid. 1 tablet+4L water= 4L windshield washer. Very effective at removing bug splatter, bird droppings, tree sap and road grime from your windshield. You can also use it for clean the mirrors and any other surfaces that need to sparkle and shine!
  • Environmental Friendly - No measuring, no spills, no mess or plastic bottles to dispose of and no storage. Biodegradable, phosphate and fragrance-free formula. Dissolve thoroughly, no residual. Mixable with anti-freezing agent, for improved cleaning performance in winter. Note: Please be aware that this is a summer formulation. It will not prevent water from freezing in your reservoir. Temperature Requirement > -5℃
  • Space-Saving - The car cleaning tablet is small, portable. Compared to the traditional washer fluid, this washer tablet can be stock more easily and save room of car boot.
  • No Traces/Damage - This car clean washer tablet does not cause damage to the glass surface, helping to maintain the car windshield protective film,which can soften the wiper and reduce noise. It leaves no trace or reflection for more visibility and safety. Clean window and safe driving.
  • Multi-Use - Our multi-functional effervescent tablet is also designed to replace your mirror cleaner, kitchen cleaner, window cleaner, tile cleaner, etc. It is a powerful integrated cleaning agent, not only suitable for cleaning car's glass, but also has strong decontamination effect on kitchen stains, toilet floor stains, etc. Safe for all metal, windshield and window glass, rubber, plastic and painted surfaces.(If used for car washing, please add car detergent for better results.

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